Frequently Asked Questions

World Rewards

What is World Rewards?
World Rewards is a loyalty rewards card that is accepted at any Bobby & Steve’s Auto World location. You accumulate points for every dollar you spend that can be used as cash for future purchases.

Do my points expire?
No, your points never expire!

How do I accumulate points?
You accumulate points by presenting your card or phone number (if registered) to the cashier when you check out. Your card is swiped each time you make a purchase and points are added immediately.

How can I register my card?
You can register your card in the store by filling out the registration form, register online here, or register by calling customer service at 855-471-8459.

What can purchase with my points?
Your points can be used at any Bobby & Steve’s Auto World location for all purchases (excluding lottery). You must have your card present to redeem points. Present this to the cashier and they will take care of the rest.

How much does it cost to have the card?
World Rewards is completely free!

What do I do if I lost my card?
If you lost your card and it is registered we can get you a new card and transfer all points. If your card was not registered, unfortunately the points are gone too. That is why you should register your if you haven’t already!

Do I get discounts on fuel?
Yes! Each World Rewards member gets 3 cents off each gallon of fuel purchased and 2 points per gallon back on your card.

How much are my points worth?
Each point is worth .01, and it adds up quickly! You can spend these points like cash any time after your card is registered.

Why do you collect my email address and telephone number when I register my card?
We collect this data from you so that we have a way to get a hold of you for prize contests and to send coupons and other promotions. All email offers are for our awesome deals, you won’t regret it!

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