Steering & Suspension Systems

Steering Suspension

The ability of your car to void accidents depends on its steering, stopping, and stability components working together. The Steering Systems and Suspension Systems of your vehicle are important both for safety reasons and also to give your vehicle a more comfortable ride. Though they are commonly referred to together, each system has a different function. Steering is performed by the vehicle’s driver to direct the vehicle while the suspension is a structural arrangement at each of the four wheels that supports the vehicle resulting in a comfortable and smooth ride.

If you notice any problems in the way that your vehicle rides or steers or if you feel your vehicle’s body or steering wheel vibrate, you should take your car to one of Bobby & Steve’s Auto World Certified Technicians to have your Steering & Suspension Systems checked out as soon as possible. It is extremely important to replace your car’s struts and shocks when necessary to enhance the safety of your vehicle, reduce the operating costs of your vehicle through reduced tire wear, increase your gas mileage and to lower maintenance costs on other suspension and steering components.

An inspection of your vehicle’s steering system may include:

  • Checking the power steeling fluid level and type
  • Checking for leakage at all steering components
  • Checking the tension of the power steering pump belt

An inspection of your vehicle’s suspension system may include:

  • Checking for uneven tire wear
  • Looking for sway when cornering, vehicle bounce and “nose dives” when braking
  • Inspecting shocks for cracks, leaks or other damage

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